About Milkin' Cookies

At Milkin' Cookies, our standards are high--we aren't willing to ship a cookie that we aren't happy with.

We hate to disappoint our customers, but we have run into a snag with one of our ingredients.  We won't be shipping cookies until we can correct the issue.  We apologize for the inconvenience, and hope to have both your supply and ours back up ASAP

It's well established that breast milk is the best food for infants--the American Academy of Pediatrics now recommends that moms breastfeed for at least one year, and the World Health Organization (WHO) recommends that moms breastfeed until their child reaches at least two years of age.

In the United States, more than 75% of new moms breastfeed their newborns, although less than 50% are still nursing when their children are six months old.  Reasons for stopping vary, but about half of moms who stop report that their main reason was concern about inadequate breast milk supply. Only about 5% of moms actually have low milk supply, but many moms worry about the amount of breast milk they produce. These moms often try medications such as Reglan and Domperidone, or herbs such as blessed thistle and fenugreek. Medications can have side effects however, and not everyone wants to take herbal supplements.   As busy nursing moms, we also struggled with decreased breast milk supply.  We tried medication and herbal galactogogues but didn't like the side effects and found that they didn't work well for us. 
As physicians, we naturally researched other options for increasing breast milk production.  We found that there is excellent evidence for whole grains boosting milk production in dairy science.  We also found that across many cultures, new moms traditionally eat certain foods.  Not surprisingly, it turns out that these foods are often galactagogues (a galactagogue is any substance that increases breast milk production).  We were very excited to find out that we could boost breast milk production without side effects by eating certain foods, and when we realized that we could get the benefits from these food galactagogues while eating a daily cookie, well, let's just say we did a little happy dance.  
Other moms have experienced the same results that we did.  In fact, in a survey we conducted in 2011, 98% of moms who tried Milkin' Cookies saw an increase in breast milk production.