Customer Reviews

At Milkin' Cookies, our standards are high--we aren't willing to ship a cookie that we aren't happy with.

We hate to disappoint our customers, but we have run into a snag with one of our ingredients.  We won't be shipping cookies until we can correct the issue.  We apologize for the inconvenience, and hope to have both your supply and ours back up ASAP

I loved the cookies for their taste, but appreciated them for their effectiveness when I was placed on a diuretic/fluid pill shortly after my c-section.  I had severe fluid overload, to the point  where my heart couldn't keep up and had to be placed on diuretics to decrease the excess fluid.  The main side effect warning for breastfeeding was that diuretics could dry up your milk supply.  After 8 days of struggling with engorgement, fluid overload to the point where my son could barely latch on, shortness of breath and general post-operative fatigue, I was very discouraged.  I had worked so hard, and was still faced with the possibility of loosing out on breastfeeding.  I ate a cookie most every day (OK, a few days I had two), and ended up getting back up to my normal supply within days of stopping the medication (and was able to maintain sufficient levels for my baby during my course of treatment).  I even stopped eating the cookies at all within a week of stopping the diuretics as the combination of on demand suckling and nursing, some pumping, and the cookies caused me to re-engorge.  I also took some to my La Leche League meeting and one of the women there will be sending some to her friend who has an infant in newborn intensive care and is trying to supply her baby with enough breastmilk so they don't have to supplement with formula.

I can't thank you enough!

--Susan W. 1/25/13 via email


I ordered Milkin' Cookies about a month after my daughter was born because I had to have a surprise surgery and wouldn't be able to nurse for a while.  I was trying to up my supply since I hadn't had any pumped and needed to stock up in the week.  I really felt like the cookies kicked up my supply quite a bit.  And the cookies were DELISH!  I had ordered both kinds anticipating that I would prefer the oatmeal chocolate chip, but I really liked the cranberry ones as well, maybe even more so.  They arrived within a couple days of my order.  I loved that they were packed individually and fresh.  It made it really easy to stick in the freezer and take out as needed.  I thought this would make a great gift for new moms.  Cookies and a little help in boosting milk production, what new mom wouldn't love that!  I will definitely order again!

--Sherri S. 1/30/13 via email


The cookies are working!!! Thank you for taking away one stress from my life :)
—Amy H.  9/4/12 via FB

These cookies taste fantastic! They come in a cute little package, and ship super fast. I have recommended them to several friends who were having low supply at the six month mark; it doubled everyone's supply within two days. Thanks Milkin Cookies!!!!
—Laura B.

I continue to be obsessed with your product nine months into my baby's life. I wish I had these cookies with my first baby; I was supplementing by now. Not this time! Hurrah for Milkin’ Cookies!! I’ve also turned at least three other new moms onto your cookies. Can’t recommend them enough!
—Katey D. 11/22/2011

AMAZINGGGGGG!!!!!!! I went from barely being able to get a total of an ounce from BOTH breasts combined to eating ONE cookie last night, and woke up this morning with an engorged breast that was leaking!!!!!!!! THESE COOKIES are a blessing!! I can never ever THANK you enough for sending them to me!!!!!!!!!!
—Ashley G. 10/9/2010

Just had my first shipment delivered. WOW, these cookies taste awesome! I let my four year old try them and she wanted more. Thank you so much for such a great tasting product!
—Jennifer S. 9/20/2011

I received a three month subscription of the oatmeal chocolate chip cookies as a gift. They taste great and I have noticed a huge increase in my milk production. This is my third child and with both of the first two I could barely keep up after returning to work. Since eating these cookies regularly I have been making nearly twice as much milk as my little one eats and have been able to put lots in the freezer. Thanks so much for making the transition back to work easier!
—Mindy G.  from Marietta, GA 3/5/2012

These Cookies are AWESOME!! I must admit, I was a little skeptical at first, but I received my free sample of the Cranberry Almond Oatmeal cookie from a local store and was SOLD!!! They are delicious and really do make a difference. I went from pumping 4-4.5 ounces to 5 and sometimes 5.5 ounces! When you have a big eater, every little bit helps :) Overall, he appears to be more satisfied with his feedings. I love these cookies! :)
—Michelle A Charlotte, NC 5/31/2012

I am thoroughly impressed with the results seen since I've started eating Milkin’ Cookies. I was worried that my milk supply would really start to suffer with all of the travel I do for work, so a colleague suggested I try  the cookies. Not only has my supply not dropped, the cookies have helped to solve the imbalance of milk production I've experienced since my son’s birth. Before Milkin’ Cookies, I would produce 50-75% less milk out of my left breast than my right. Now, they are almost equal in production! Thank you very much for your tasty product that delivers immediate results
—Lynn R.  3/14/12

Hi there! I absolutely loved these cookies! I ordered them for a vacation, which always causes a reduction in supply for me for some reason. But the cookies got there on the second day [because I ordered them last minute] and I sort of “jump-started” myself off with two cookies that day. First of all, they are absolutely delicious and I had to fend off the rest of the family from eating them! Secondly, I saw results so quickly. I ate one a day after the first day [except the fourth day, when I had two, because I just couldn’t control my sweet tooth!] I was actually having to pump of extra milk, which NEVER happens to me during a time when I am traveling or not at home. I would, and already have, recommend these cookies to anyone who is looking for a tasty was to increase their supply!
Thank you again, for this wonderful product!

—Shannon L. 8/4/12

You guys are AMAZING! I received my order yesterday and already today I am almost DOUBLE what I was pumping!!! Thank you! They taste amazing too! The only trick will be fitting them into a tight military budget as they are a little pricey, but absolutely worth it!
—Nikki G. via FB

I've been enjoying these cookies for a week now and have noticed a huge difference in my production!! Thank you so much!! I recommend Milkin’ Cookies to everyone who needs help!
—Jessica K. 7/29/12