Mommy Doctors Team

At Milkin' Cookies, our standards are high--we aren't willing to ship a cookie that we aren't happy with.

We hate to disappoint our customers, but we have run into a snag with one of our ingredients.  We won't be shipping cookies until we can correct the issue.  We apologize for the inconvenience, and hope to have both your supply and ours back up ASAP

“We became physicians because we wanted to make a difference. Nothing makes us happier than learning that we’ve helped a mom meet or even surpass her breastfeeding goals and that we’ve helped make that process a little easier. Who’d have thought we could make a difference with cookies?” —The Mommy Doctors

Lennox McNeary is the mom of a 56-day NICU graduate. In her spare time she is a full-time physician and co-owner of The Mommy Doctors Bakery.

A native of Charlotte, North Carolina, Lennox grew up racing small sailboats with her dad. After four years of studying college basketball at Duke University, she somehow acquired a diploma. She received her medical degree from Virginia Commonwealth University and then moved to Michigan, where she completed her residency in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at William Beaumont Hospital. Although Lennox loved Michigan and misses Charlotte, she is thrilled that stunning Roanoke, Virginia, is now her home.

After a complicated pregnancy followed by 12 weeks on bed rest prior to a long stay in NICU, Lennox knows the struggles of breastfeeding first-hand. She is an advocate for NICU parents and has a special interest in supporting families after they leave the security of the NICU.

Food is one of Lennox’s passions, so it was only natural that she would find a way combine her love of eating with her medical training in nutrition and her personal struggle with breastfeeding to create a delicious, healthy snack with a purpose.

Cheri Wiggins is the mom to two very energetic young girls, a physician, and co-owner of The Mommy Doctors Bakery. A strong advocate for breastfeeding moms, she nursed both her daughters for more than 20 months and still counts it as one of the best things she has ever done (not the easiest, but the best). The kitchen is Cheri's haven, so it only made sense that she and Lennox would end up there when they were stressed out about breast milk supply issues. She thoroughly enjoys the creative process of recipe development and is thrilled to discover an interest in design.

A native of Jonesboro, Georgia, Cheri graduated from the University of Georgia and will always be a Georgia Bulldog. She attended the University of Alabama School of Medicine, and remained in Birmingham for her residency in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. After residency, she and her husband, Tom, moved to Idaho where both their daughters were born. During a two-year relocation to beautiful Roanoke, Virginia, Cheri met Lennox. Cheri has since moved back to Twin Falls, Idaho, where she loves the pace of life and big skies, but misses trees.